Heat Shrinkable Cable Accessory:
Heat Shrinkable Medium Voltage Straight Boots
(Heat Shrink Non-Tracking Medium Voltage Straight Boots)

Ikebana Heat Shrink Medium Voltage Boots Brochure

(Specifications and the product dimensions given in this brochure are subject to change without notice.
Please refer to the latest version of the drawings and specification-sheets on the Ikebana web site,
or contact our office in Thailand.)

Product Data Sheet
This data sheet covers the requirements for heat shrink medium voltage boots whose dimensions will shrink to predetermined size upon the application of heat above 125 deg. C. Color of the MV boots is reddish brown. The MV boots are electrically insulating, anti-tracking, UV resistant, weather proof and flame retardant. Both ends of MV boots are internally coated with red mastic and covered with release paper.
Typical Applications
The MV Straight Boots provide insulation and sealing for bushings in cable-end boxes integral with switch-gear and transformers. The mastic sealant provides a water-tight environmental seal to the bushing. The MV boots are also supplied as a part of heat shrink cable termination up to 36 kV for operation in air-filled cable-end boxes, designed with reduced clearances for compound filling. The boots are designed to withstand surges induced during the operational life of the termination.
The following application table indicates the dimensions of Straight Boots.

 MV Straight 
Boot Model
 Cable-end diameter   Bushing-end Diameter   Length M   Length N   Length L 
R (mm) S (mm) R (mm) S (mm) R (mm) R (mm) R (mm)
IXL 560
IXL 565
S: As Supplied       R: Fully Recovered

Engineering Drawings

Straight Boots
The base material of the MV boots is thermally stabilized, cross-linked blend of poly-olefins and a compatible grade of synthetic rubber. The basic resin is mixed with chemical additives offering resistance against tracking - erosion, fire, oxidation, ozone and other environmental effects. The sealant is butyl rubber based mastic, which is electrical insulating and water-proof. Both ends are coated inside with butyl rubber mastic.
Part Numbering System

Download Specification Sheet
Printing on the Product
Each Ikebana Boot is printed with a heat resistant printing ink of white color. Printed information includes:
1. Ikebana logo
2. Product code
MV boots are packed individually in a polythene bag. A specified number of MV boots are packed inside a standard corrugated carton. The outer carton carries an IKEBANA label with information of the contents and the customer's name.
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